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MaPahtia Spa

Welcome to the House of Healing and Beauty

Welcome! Mapahtia Spa
Mapahtia Spa
Mapahtia Spa


House of Healing 

MaPahtia spiritual spa is a place of inner healing, restoration, and connection designed to pull the ancient cosmology of our ancestors’ beliefs in traditional Mexican folk healing known as curanderismo. It which honors the timeless practice of nature, body, and spirit through the use of rituals, herbs, energy, chants and stones. Here at MaPahtia we invite you to embark in an unforgettable experience. Arrive fully and embrace the living of being here now. MaPahtia means "mother cures" in Nahuatl. A native Aztec language.


How it came to be...

Francine Oprescu is the owner of MaPahtia and has years of diverse multi-disciplinary experiences in spirituality blending her beliefs and practices. She has designed methods/ rituals to empower one another in healing. Curanderismo is a healing akin to eastern medicinal practices such as Ayurveda and or traditional Chinese medicine most commonly known in today’s modern western world. It involves energy work, moon cycles, and natural elements blending into celestial alignment for inspired treatments. Obsidian stones are used as extensions of our own hands, which are powerful in the removal of negative energies while quartz amplifies the healing/grounding effects. Rituals and cleanses are from her experiences in toltec shamanism. 

Face Massage


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Open Tuesday thru Friday 10am to 7pm

Saturday 12pm to 4pm


1314 Kauffman Avenue

Vancouver, WA 98662

(360) 904-8176


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